BUY 1 GET 3 FREE ON LEASING RIGHTS - Discount applies automatically when adding 4 of the same licenses to the cart

MP3 Lease

$ 29.00

Per 1,000 Units
  • commercial use
  • MP3 (1 tag)
  • 1000 units
  • SaruBeatz maintains full ownership of the instrumental (non-exclusive agreement)

WAV Lease

$ 49.00

Per 5,000 Units
  • commercial use
  • WAV (1 tag)
  • 5000 units
  • SaruBeatz maintains full ownership of the instrumental (non-exclusive agreement)

WAV TrackoutMost Popular

$ 99.00

Per 10,000 Units
  • commercial use
  • WAV Trackouts (untagged)
  • 10000 units
  • SaruBeatz maintains full ownership of the instrumental (non-exclusive agreement)


$ 199.00

Unlimited Units
  • commercial use
  • WAV Trackouts (untagged)
  • unlimited units
  • SaruBeatz maintains full ownership of the instrumental (non-exclusive agreement)

Exclusive Rightscontact me

$ Varies

Unlimited Units
  • commercial use
  • WAV Trackouts (untagged)
  • unlimited units
  • artist receives complete commercial using rights (exclusive agreement + beat will be removed from the store)
Q: How do I purchase a Beat ?
- Simply follow the purchase instructions at the instant beat store :
1. Click +ADD next the beat(s) you wish to order
2. Select the license you require
3. When you are ready to order, click Buy Now in the top right to redirect to PayPal
4. After payment you will receive the download links to your beats to your PayPal email address (please check your junk mail)
Q: Will I receive a beat with no tags after purchasing it?
- Yes, all beats will be delivered WITHOUT the producer voicetag throughout the beat. However, some producers still keep ONE tag at the very beginning or end as trademark.
If you wan’t to receive a completely clean version please contact our support or purchase a premium lease (.wav trackouts) and remove the tag on your own.)
Q: What does Basic, Premium, Professional and Exclusive Rights mean?
- Basic Leasing Rights grant you LIMITED profitable distribution rights to a beat and allows you to distribute up to 1000 copies or max. $5000 gross earnings (Premium Leasing Rights: 5000 copies / $25,000.00) of one (1) master recording. The purchase of an Professional license grants you max gross earnings of $100,000.00 for up to 2 projects and other benefits like the right to monetize your music on YouTube for example.
Non-Exclusive Leasing Rights can be sold to more than one person at the same time until EXCLUSIVE rights have been sold to the beat.
Q: How long does it take untill I receive the beat(s) I ordered?
- Beats purchased through our instant beat store are delivered INSTANTLY to the e-mail adress you registered with on the checkout. Make sure to also check your spam folder if you don’t receive an e-mail within 5 minutes after your purchase has been made.
Q: Can I upgrade my license?
- Yes, you can upgrade your license as long as nobody else has acquired the exclusive rights for the same instrumental. Of course we will also keep in mind the amount of money you already paid for your current license so that you will only have to pay the difference.
Q: What does .Wav Trackouts mean?
- Tracked out audio files, also called stems, are sub mixes of an instrumental. For example, an instrumental might have the four stems: Bass, Beat, Percussion, and Instruments. The Bass stem being the bass; the Beat stem being the kick and the snare; The Percussion stem being the hi-hats, shakers, and crash cymbals; and the Instruments stem being the strings, organs, and synths. All of these stems are the full duration of the instrumental and can be layered together to recreate the stereo mix of the original instrumental.
The reason for stems is that they allow for more precise fine tuning while mixing a song. For example, one can adjust the gain on the Bass without affecting the low end of the Cellos. Or you can mold the cymbals around the vocals without affecting the punch of the snare. Although beats from come already professionally mixed, depending on the particular artist’s vocals or the sound of the rest of their album, adjustments may want to be made in mastering. With stems these adjustments can be made much more accurately and easily.
Q: What are Producer - Credits ?
Giving Producer credits means that in all projects where any part of a beat from is used, you have to make sure to give credit in one of the following formats:
“Produced by (Producer’s Full Name)”
“Beat by (Producer’s Full Name)”
“Original Music by (Producer’s Full Name)”
Q: Am I allowed to sell the Beat to other people once I bought it?
- NO! You are not allowed to resell the beat(s) or transfer your rights of ownership to a third person.
Q: Who are the people behind ?
- is currently lead by Alexander ‘SaruBeatz’ Wagner , check the ABOUT tab for more information.
Q: I'm a Producer too and want to join the team of
What do I have to do?

- Please contact with a sample of your work and what your expectations for joining are
Q: I still have questions!
If you need further information, just contact:
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